Watch True Blood : Season 3 Episode 5 Live Streaming

Sunday |

True Blood Season 3 episode 5 is entitled Trouble. I am not sure about the synopsis but am pretty sure it will cause a lot of trouble for every character in True Blood
. 81,000 views in you tube just this day. I had a hard time looking for live streaming because of the internet connection. I got this synopsis from one of the site I always follow . Trouble will focus on Alcide and Sookie where they move to an alpha wolf " Packmaster" to deal with Russells's minions. Sam and Tommy is troubles and is mad against Joe. Trouble episode will be again gave a character on Lafayette, Heriloom, Crystal, Tara. All of this will have trouble on their decisions.

Here is a promo on True Blood Season 3 Episode 5. Later I will be posting the replay video for my readers. I will also be updating you on the next Episode 6 : True Bloood Season 3. I got to go now.