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This blog is what it is! What I mean is, as the title says the most watched video or videos online. I thought that I would make a blog which literally is not a blog, hahaha! Do you know what I mean? Blogging is not blogging per se unless you write something about what or how you feel. Usually blogging is something that is personal right? But by now, most bloggers knew how potential blogging is when it comes to earning money. Dont deny that.

So, here is my experimental blog. As you can see from my profile, I have quite a number of blogs. Much as I want to maximize my blogging by earning through same, I am not successful with that though. But still blogging is fun. Its somewhere or something that you wanna do just because you like to. I mean, through blogging, you can express what you really feel about everything. It is something that shows who you really are. Well, cut the drama thing.

This blog is all about the controversial videos online. I would say its controversial because they indeed catch the eyes of most surfers where the outcome will be astonishing. Which means that said video will then become the most watched videos online. And I dont think you would wanna be the last person to watch the video, right? I dont wanna be the last to watch too, lol!