American Idol Top 12 Complete List (Season 9-March 11, 2010 result)

Thursday |

Today's result as to who will be eliminated is completely revealed. As to who are eliminated click American Idol Results March 11, 2010 (Who are Eliminated?). Whether or not you agree to the result, we are now left to the American Idol Season 9 top 12. We will be seeing more of these contestants and hopefully, they will bring something new when they perform in the subsequent episodes to come. Here is the American Idol top 12:

1. Didi Banami
2. Siobhan Magnus
3. Paige Miles
4. Casey James
5. Tim Urban
6. Lee Dewyze
7. Crystal Bowersox
8. Michael Lynche
9. Lacey Brown
10. Aaron Kelly
11. Andrew Garcia
12. Katie Stevens