NFL 2012 Kickoff Game Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

Wednesday |

In a while, the 2012 NFL season kicks off with Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants as the featured game.  These teams were the opponents in last season's final day for the NFC East title where the former was unfortunate to have experienced watching the latter's season championship moments.  Nevertheless, a new regular season means a new opportunity not only for the Dallas Cowboys but also for any other team in the league to be part of the Super Bowl 2013.  

There are some changes in this season of the league including the uniform of some NFL teams as sponsored by Nike as well as today's schedule of the NFL 2012 season kick off date as it is usually set every Thursday.  Due to Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, the kick off game is moved to today's date, that is, Wednesday and no longer Thursday as it usually was.

In today's featured game, despite their previous season's success story, New York Giants are on the view that they still need to improve their game and that they have to raise some steady game records.  Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, represented by its owner Jerry Jones has this to say, "It's a great opportunity for us is how I look at it," Jones said. "Very meaningful, everybody has all the appreciation in the world for what we're up against here, the quality of the team." (espn NFL)  Both teams however, have some key points to settle regarding some important positions and roles of each player in the game.

Which team will win the kickoff game?  That's what you've got to watch for as NFL 2012 kicks off 7:30 pm tonight.