NBA Finals 2012 Game 4 Video Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Tuesday |

Will the Miami Heat continue winning or will the Oklahoma City Thunder prevail in tonight's NBA Finals 2012 Game 4?  For the Miami Heat, Game 3 was all about Lebron James who continue to be at the top of his game despite the statistics that he is shooting a lesser percentage than Kevin Durant.  As to the latter's team, even though it is behind one game, the disparity between the previous scores of both teams is not so huge which may indicate a big chance for the Thunder to win Game 4. 

Last year's NBA Finals Game 4 was not in countenance with the Miami Heat.   When asked regarding the matter, Lebron James answered,  "We're a totally different team than we was last year when we was up 2-1.  We're a totally different team. We understand what it takes to win, we've used that motivation, and we will continue to use that motivation. But last year is last year, and we're not going into a Game 4 on someone else's floor. We're going into a Game 4 on our floor with a lot of experience in this type of situation. We'll be ready. We love the challenge." (source: ESPN)

On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder has high hopes that tonight is definitely not the end of their season.  They were behind by 2-0 against the San Antonio Spurs but they won in the end and the scenario may happen again.

Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 4 happens later at 9:00 PM ET live from American Airlines Arena, Miami.