Dexter Season 7 Premiere (Video)

Wednesday |

What do you expect for the upcoming season of Dexter? Definitely, more crimes will happen as Dexter continues to do what he does best. In addition, two new characters are coming to the show.  

One of these characters is Isaac who is not simply a member of a Russian crime group but possesses power of a high-ranking official. It is Ray Stevenson who will play the role of Isaac. Another new character is said to be the love interest of Dexter in this season. This new girl is not an ordinary girl. She has a past that she does not want to share with any one. As to who will play this part of the role, it is yet undetermined. 

In Dexter Season 7, the viewers will know the decision of Deb upon learning the truth about her brother. Dexter Season 7 premieres on September 30th at Showtime.