Grammy Awards 2012 Tribute for Whitney Houston Video

Sunday |

Obviously, what happened to Whitney Houston was unexpected. She was even set to appear at the Grammys. Now that the show must go on, undeniably a tribute for Whitney Houston is expected at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Here is the latest on Whitney Houston tribute at the Grammy Awards 2012. Accordingly, Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan were chosen to perform for this tribute. Ken Erlich has this to say, “Obviously, we are very saddened and we don’t want to rush to anything that wouldn’t be respectful. So our plan at this point… I’ve asked Jennifer Hudson to come and we’re really at this moment talking about what she’s going to do. It’s going to be respectful, it’s not going to be a full blown tribute. To me, that feels like it’s too early. It’s too fresh on this moment. So we’re working on something that will be really respectful and appropriate to Whitney’s memory. We’ve already gone through the script and made a few changes. There’s some shifts we made script wise.”

Watch Grammy Awards 2012 Whitney Houston tribute video as it appear online. Now, it seems that the Grammys is all about Whitney Houston. She deserves it though.