Super Bowl 45 (XLV) 2011 Kickoff Time: What Time Does the Superbowl Start?

Friday |

As early as today, football fans are asking what time does the superbowl start? For those who are not aware on what time Superbowl 45 (XLV) 2011 starts, here is the answer.

FOX is the channel you want to tune in to. Don't change channels guys. For all husbands out there, just give your wife a treat to the salon or let her go to shop whatever she wants so you can concentrate.

Now, say you are tuned in to FOX, what out for the following time:

2:00 p.m. ET - Superbowl 45 (XLV) 2011 FOX’s pre-game coverage
6:00 p.m. ET - Superbowl 45 (XLV) 2011 Start Time
6:29 p.m. ET - Superbowl 45 (XLV) 2011 Kick Off Time

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