Andrea Petkovic vs Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2011 Results

Sunday |

Not good news for Maria Sharapova fans. Today's match of Andrea Petkovic vs Maria Sharapova is a move for the quarter finals of the 2011 Australian Open Tennis Tournament.

According to Andrea Petkovic, "I play much better since I do the dance. So for everybody if something is not going well, just do a little dance." She added, "You know it was such a tough match. Just two or three points and Maria comes back. I'm just happy I closed it out in the end. It's my primary goal to compete with the great champions and maybe become one myself one day."

Congratulations to Andrea Petkovic. Will she move on to the Australian Open 2011 finals or will she be the new Australian Open 2011 women's champion? Watch out for the update.