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Tuesday |

Another blockbuster movie will take again the screen of hollywood as Miss Angelina Jolie take the role as Evelyn Salt. This movie SALT is an action movie with a story on all about secrets of CIA. Angelina Jolie is a CIA who was wrongly accused as the Russian Spy. A mysterious answer from the suspect made the whole CIA and Salt to wonder how she was set up and here the action and story begins. Accordingly as the Making of Salt , Ms. Angelina Jolie did her stunts. Additional information was also known regarding this movie where in it was first planned to be given to a male role and for Tom Cruise but still ends up with Ms Angelina Jolie. I think she is great and for sure this will again be a hit movie.

For sure more videos will be searched like Full video streaming , online videos and even to catch and download the videos. Full videos will be live streamed by July 23, 2010 for its showing. I am sure I will be one of it. Anyway am looking forward to watch Salt on Theater.

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