Robert Spillane Died at 45

Sunday |

I am supposed to look for a topic or a movie review but I think I did post for new movies coming on theaters this July like Salt. When I searched for trending topics Robert Spillane was the number two in list after 2010 FIFA World Cup. Who is Robert Spillane. He was known to be the son of Mickey Spillane.

According to my readings he died after falling out on the window with sixth floors in his apartment. He was known as being an actor who had roles on televisions.
It was told that he fell in Manhattan Saturday morning wherein police says that until now they can't find for suspect. As we all know when someone fell in his own apartment or condo probably someone pushed him.

I hope so police will look for more information regarding Robert Spillane case.
Is he a family man? I will be searching for his story. Another Bad News in the Hollywood.