Netherlands Fighting for the Win : FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals

Saturday |

Netherlands coach, Bert van Marwijk: “We can beat everyone”

“We’re probably seen as favorites. However, the group is going to be very difficult for us. […] But we know that if our strongest team is available, and if everyone is in form, then we can beat everyone.

“We need to have the right form, the right mentality… you’ve got to have confidence in yourself though you should not be arrogant.”

The road for the win is a hope for team Netherlands. As the skill and unity of this good team made them win on the 2010 World Cup finals they were able to think of being near to their dream as they look for the good goal on tomorrows event. Orange and red will be for sure dominant on the stadium as fans will be coming to support their team.

Their road on the Finals was not that easy but having a good teamwork they were able to get lot of praises from the public and a recognition from FIFA. With that this two team the Netherlands and Spain is much deserving for the title World Cup Champion for this year 2010. Good luck to both team.

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