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The Twilight Saga continues as the 3rd film releases this summer. It will definitely another good film as the Saga continues. This third film is again all about the beautiful simple Isabella played Kirsten Stewart and her love interest Edward played by Robert Pattinson who is a handsome vampire. With a love triangle from Bellas best friend Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner. As you knew in Twilight New Moon the love triangle are very much talk of the world. The transformation of Jacob was loved on this film for me. I was struck and get to love how he stand and being a very good lover to be for Bella. If you love a person then it is for you to make sacrifices, let go of another one, love truly and even die for your love one. Secrets are revealed as the Saga continues. We knew who is Edward as a Vampire and recently Jacob as a werewolf. What other secrets will be revealed in the Twilight Eclipse?

Love as for the film showed how a person indescribably felt when someone get to meet someone he definitely thought is for her. Bella just felt the love he wants to have from Edward and Edward not wanting to hurt his love Bella. Both the couple wanted to be with each others arms but still trials came up to them. Loving never cares for what the future brings and what is important is the happiness you felt right now.

Being in love for someone is a great feeling . Whoever he is as long as you felt the magic and the feeling of belonging to love. We will be watching the movie together. Want to be the first one to download the movie? Click here for Twilight Eclipse Download.

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