Grey's Anatomy Season 6 : Will Meredith Go All Drak and Twisty again?

Thursday |

On the sixth seasons of Grey's Anatomy (Thursdays, 9/8c on ABC), Meredith Grey is finally seems happy because she is exchanging vows with Derek. "Mer has been significantly less dark and twisty than the Dr. Grey we met on her first day at Seattle Grace." Mer is very happy as all can see it.
In the finale according to the producer Rhimes the show will be different she said that the first hour will apparently leave your jaw on the floor.
Meredith Grey is a grown-up. As a character, she's really grown into being a very changed woman, which I think is fantastic."

On Finale of Grey's anatomy a guest star will be sharing her talent and that is non other than Ms. Mandy Moore and I am very much excited with that.

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