My Page Rank is 3

Monday |

I observed last night that my page rank increased to 3. Before, it was 2. I never expected this for I have not yet cleanse this blog with unwarranted outbound links. I did not have any idea that google is updating this month. Never heard or read it from other blogs or sites.

Nevertheless, I am so happy that my page rank improved. And all I have to do now is update this blog regularly which of course, I may now have a hard time doing that, starting tomorrow.

I do hope that readers will bare with me. There have been negative feedback on this blog but I am just ignoring them for now. Someday or somehow, this blog will improve with regards to contents and overall appearance. Just got to do something I am not sure I should be doing. It seemed that I could not focus on blogging till I finish this one task. So, I do hope, readers will understand.