Love Happens Movie Trailer

Saturday |

I am searching and searching on what topic to post today. I get tired posting about upcoming events, lol. I want something different and I searched on movies that I could watch on the big screen. And guess what, this is what I found. The movie entitled, "Love Happens."

Yeah, I may be one of the late bloggers who learned about it but who cares. I just love the trailer. Who could act better when it comes to romance but Jennifer Aniston. She is still so pretty. The movie "Love Happens" centers on two persons who wanted to forget love and move on with life until they met and love flourishes again.

The movie stars Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Dan Fogler, Judy Greer, Joe Anderson, John Carroll Lynch, Frances Conroy, and Martin Sheen. It will be released September 18, 2009. Love Happens movie download is not provided in this blog but you can check the sponsored links for that matter. Watch Love Happens movie trailer!

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