Kim Clijsters vs. Serena Williams Video

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Okay, the posts are mostly about the US Open 2009 Grand Slam Tennis. There are those who criticize this blog regarding some of my posts. However, that does not stop me from blogging. It even makes me wanna blog for more.

Now, the US Open Tennis 2009 Women's finals will definitely be between one teenager and one experienced and top seed woman tennis player today. In the women's finals, there are only four possibilities. The final matches may either be of the following:
1. Clijsters vs. Oudin
2. Clijsters vs. Wozniack
3. Williams vs. Oudin
4. Williams vs. Wozniack

Who do you think will be the US Open Tennis 2009 final match for women's singles? I am so excited. The match of Kim Clijsters vs. Serena Williams will be tomorrow, September 11, 2009 along with Oudin vs. Wozniack match. You can watch Clijsters vs. Williams semi final match live at CBS. This post will be updated for Kim Clijsters vs. Serena Williams Video.

Click here for Clijsters vs. Williams live streaming.

Update: The game is postponed and will resume Saturday, Sept. 12th 8pm ET.
Update-September 12, 2009: Kim Clijsters won the game and is headed for the US Open Tennis 2009 Finals. Serena Williams did not finish the game. Controversial huh!