Kim Clijsters vs. Caroline Wozniacki for US Open Tennis 2009 Women's Finals

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All I can say is wow! The best of women's tennis matches were just recently played. I get a chance to watch Clijsters vs. Williams semi-finals match as well as Wozniacki vs. Wickmayer.

Kim Clijsters won against Serena Williams with a score of 6-4, 7-5. While Wozniacki won over Wickmayer with a score of 6-3, 6-3. Now, it will be Kim Clijsters vs. Caroline Wozniacki for the US Open Tennis 2009 finals which will be held tomorrow. The win of Clijsters is the most controversial one because of Williams being declared of committing foot fault. Williams allegedly said to the line judge, "I will kill you." Anyway, whatever happened today, it does not change the fact that Kim Clijsters won the game.

Watch Kim Clijsters vs. Caroline Wozniacki US Open Tennis 2009 Finals.

Live Update (September 13, 2009): According to commentators:
- Clijsters is a little bit nervous
- Wozniacki plays a good defense
- Clijsters is quick
- Fantastic tennis
- Clijsters won the first set
- Kim is getting the upper hand again
- For Wozniacki, well-directed
- For Wozniacki, a lot of big games to play since she is only 19 years old
- Its getting better and better
- For Clijsters, too good
- Wozniacki moves very well
- For Clijsters, that's strength
- A little bit more tense (Clijsters)
- For Clijsters, she's got beautiful backhand
- Wozniacki is not giving up
- Kim Clijsters is the US Open Tennis Grand Slam 2009 Champion