Michael Phelps Car Accident

Thursday |

If you are looking for Michael Phelps car accident video, I did not find any. All I saw in youtube are videos that says "Michael Phelps car accident video" but actually its not the actual video. They are taking advantage of the issue just to make money. And I hate it.

Anyway, I decided to make a post today, although I am still not in the mood for blogging. Okay here it goes. Michael Phelps indulged himself into another mess. Probably not intentional. A car accident occurred in Baltimore around 9 pm local time. And who is the cause of that car accident? They say its Michael Phelps himself. It appearing that he drove his car with the big red light on and with a speed at over 50 mph. There is no confirmation yet from police authorities.

So the story does not stop here. We'll see in the few days to come.