Sarah Palin Nude Painting

Saturday |

Sarah Palin Nude Painting is here. Okay guys, this is not a video for sure and I violated my one rules of blogging hahaha! That's the advantage of making your own rules. Anyway, I grab the opportunity to blog this one because there are only a few yet talking about this topic. I thought of posting about it since I didnt recall having a topic relating to Sarah Palin in this video blog. That is because when I started this video blog US election was almost over. The latest I had about Sarah Palin was regarding Bristol Palin's future mother-in-law arrested.

So, I copied this painting from a subdomain blog like mine. It is all over the internet. But its not really disgusting. This time I would say its an art. Painting is a talent and I would like to have that talent, hahaha. I am talking non sense already so below is Sarah Palin Nude Painting which was painted by Bruce Elliott.

Check out the video below. Its Bruce Elliott video about Sarah Palin Nude Painting.